Salad is the Treat

Salad is the treat.  Treating yourself once in a while to a burger from McDonald’s or a Baskin Robbins sundae must not be  the highlight at the end the week.   Who died and made them the treat.  Salad is the treat, and as organic as possible.  Naturally fed beef and fowl are the treat. It is the treat that our bodies hope for all during the week to make us feel and be our best.

The truth is that vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and so much more that comes from the land are the treat, and our bodies know it.  When we eat that other stuff it is then our bodies feel we are punishing it with all that fake, fattening,  salty food.  We should not be striving to get processed food at the end of the week, and especially during the day, but it should be what we eventually eliminate from our diet. This may not be realistic, nor does it have to be. Eating processed food every once in while just shouldn’t be a treat.

The more you eat natural healthy food the more your taste buds become intolerant and indifferent towards processed foods.  In addition, the more you eat organically fed meats the more your body begins to a respond better as well. Starting with the digestive tract.  When you eat grass-fed beef it has essential nutrients in it that factory raised beef doesn’t.

It is very important to choose what we eat a lot more wisely these days, because food is a significant factor that contributes to a healthy life style.


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